About Us

MABROOKATIONS®, simply put is the words "Mabrook" and "Congratulations" merged together.  Over the years, it's become part of the vernacular and the idea is to spread the MABROOKATIONS® far and wide through celebration and gifting.

Something unique you say... something different?  Here at MABROOKATIONS®, we can present celebration and the gifts you love with an islamic flair - starting with Amani, Australia's first official Hijabi Graduation Bear, that can be personalised.  Always having my Islamic Faith in mind, I was trying to find a gift that celebrated my niece, but it wasn't out there.  So the idea for Amani was conceived whilst searching for that perfect graduation gift. 

From there, things snowballed to where we are now, where we have introduced Elyas, Australia's first official Male Graduation Bear wearing a Thobe.  Additionally, we have introduced various other Graduation Bears that again can be personalised, which also cater to the wider market.

MABROOKATIONS® is all about celebration and gifting.  Our collections are truly limited and bespoke.  So enjoy the shopping, gift a loved one and remember to say MABROOKATIONS® because really, it's a celebration!