10 Top Ramadan Decoration Ideas For 2024

10 Top Ramadan Decoration Ideas For 2024

In this article, we will explore the 10 best Ramadan decoration ideas to help you create a festive atmosphere at home for Ramadan 2024. These inspiring ideas will enable you to celebrate the holy month in style.

Key Takeaways:

  • Decorate your home with beautiful Ramadan-themed decorations to create a festive atmosphere.
  • A Ramadan Mubarak banner is a great way to welcome the spirit of Ramadan into your home.
  • Tassel garlands in Ramadan colors can add elegance to your space.
  • Create personalized Ramadan lanterns using simple materials like glass jars and tissue paper.
  • Decorate your walls with Ramadan-themed decals featuring verses from the Quran or Islamic patterns.

Ramadan Mubarak Banner

A Ramadan Mubarak banner is a great way to instantly set the mood for the holy month. Hang it near your entrance or on a prominent wall to welcome the spirit of Ramadan.

The Ramadan Mubarak banner serves as a beautiful and decorative statement, capturing the essence of the holy month. It not only adds visual appeal to your space but also conveys warm greetings to your family and guests. Placing the banner near the main entrance or in a central location ensures that it catches attention and spreads the joyous atmosphere throughout your home.

These banners are available in various designs, sizes, and materials, allowing you to choose one that aligns with your personal style and preference. Some banners feature elegant calligraphy, while others showcase colorful illustrations and patterns. Whichever design you choose, make sure it includes the timeless greeting of "Ramadan Mubarak" to convey your well wishes to all who enter your home.

The Ramadan Mubarak banner can be easily hung using hooks or strings. Consider complementing it with fairy lights or decorative ribbons for an added touch of charm. By placing the banner in a prominent location, you create a focal point that draws attention and invokes a sense of excitement and anticipation for the upcoming month of Ramadan.

"The Ramadan Mubarak banner allows you to express your joy and embrace the festive spirit of Ramadan. It serves as a beautiful reminder of the importance of this sacred month for Muslims."

As you welcome the holy month of Ramadan, let the Ramadan Mubarak banner be the first glimpse of the blessed season to come. Its presence will create a warm and inviting ambiance in your home, symbolizing unity, peace, and gratitude.


Ramadan decorations, Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Mubarak Banner Description
Definition A decorative banner with the greeting "Ramadan Mubarak" used to set the mood for the holy month of Ramadan.
Purpose To welcome the spirit of Ramadan and create a festive atmosphere in the home.
Placement Near the entrance or on a prominent wall to catch attention and spread the joyous atmosphere throughout the home.
Designs Available in various designs, sizes, and materials, featuring calligraphy, illustrations, and patterns.
Installation Easily hung using hooks or strings, can be complemented with fairy lights or decorative ribbons.
Importance A beautiful reminder of the significance of Ramadan, spreading unity, peace, and gratitude.

Tassel Garlands

Enhance the elegance of your space with beautifully crafted tassel garlands in vibrant Ramadan colors. These exquisite decorations can be hung across doorways or above windows, adding a captivating touch to your home during the holy month. Tassel garlands have become a popular choice for Ramadan decor, as they effortlessly blend traditional charm with modern aesthetics.

Creating your own tassel garlands can be a creative and rewarding experience. All you need is a few simple materials and a bit of patience. Choose ribbons or crepe paper in colors that reflect the spirit of Ramadan, such as deep blues, shimmering golds, and vibrant purples. Cut the material into strips and assemble the tassels, ensuring they are evenly spaced. Once complete, hang the garland in your desired location, transforming any space into a visually stunning haven.

Tassel garlands have a timeless appeal and can be reused year after year, allowing you to celebrate Ramadan with the same brilliance and charm. Whether you prefer a monochromatic palette or an array of complementary colors, these garlands can be customized to suit your personal style.

Adding tassel garlands to your Ramadan decorations creates a refined ambiance that is both visually captivating and spiritually uplifting.

Here is an example of how you can create a captivating tassel garland:

Materials Instructions
  • Colored ribbons or crepe paper
  • Scissors
  • String or twine
  • Glue or adhesive
  1. Cut the ribbons or crepe paper into strips of equal length, approximately 30cm each.
  2. Take two strips and fold them in half, then twist them together to form a loop at the top.
  3. Secure the loop with a small amount of glue or adhesive if needed.
  4. Repeat this process with the remaining strips until you have a desired quantity of tassels.
  5. Thread each tassel onto a string or twine, spacing them evenly.
  6. Hang the tassel garland above doorways, windows, or along walls to create a captivating display.
  7. Adjust the length of the string or twine as needed and secure the ends.

DIY Ramadan Lanterns

Bring a personal touch to your Ramadan decor with these delightful DIY lanterns. Made with simple materials like glass jars and tissue paper, these lanterns are an easy and creative way to add a warm and cozy ambiance to your space during the evenings. Illuminate them with LED candles for a beautiful glow that will enhance the spirit of Ramadan in your home.

Creating your own Ramadan lanterns allows you to customize them according to your taste and style. You can choose colors and patterns that match your existing decor or opt for traditional Ramadan hues like gold, green, and navy blue. Let your creativity shine as you design unique lanterns that reflect the essence of this holy month.

Materials Needed:

  • Glass jars (e.g., mason jars, recycled food jars)
  • Tissue paper in various colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue or Mod Podge
  • Paintbrush
  • LED candles


  1. Clean the glass jars thoroughly and remove any labels.
  2. Cut the tissue paper into small, irregular shapes or any desired patterns.
  3. Apply glue or Mod Podge to the outside of the glass jar using a paintbrush.
  4. Stick the tissue paper pieces onto the glue, overlapping them to create a colorful collage.
  5. Continue layering tissue paper until the entire jar is covered.
  6. Allow the glue to dry completely, ensuring a secure bond.
  7. Place an LED candle inside the jar and turn it on.
  8. Enjoy the mesmerizing glow of your personalized Ramadan lantern.

These DIY Ramadan lanterns make wonderful decorative accents for your dining table, mantel, or any other area of your home. You can also create multiple lanterns in different sizes and hang them together to form a stunning centerpiece. Embrace the joy of crafting and let these lanterns light up your Ramadan celebrations.

Ramadan Wall Decals

Add a touch of beauty and spirituality to your walls with Ramadan-themed wall decals. These decals feature stunning verses from the Quran or traditional Islamic patterns, creating a captivating visual display that honors the essence of Ramadan. Whether you want to transform your living room, bedroom, or even your study area, wall decals offer a convenient and temporary solution for adding a decorative touch.

Easy to apply and remove, Ramadan wall decals are a hassle-free option for enhancing the ambiance of your space. Simply peel off the backing and stick the decals onto clean and smooth surfaces such as painted walls or glass windows. When the holy month comes to an end, you can easily remove the decals without leaving any residue or causing any damage to your walls.

With a wide variety of designs and sizes to choose from, you can find Ramadan wall decals that suit your personal style and complement your existing decor. Whether you prefer elegant calligraphy, intricate geometric patterns, or nature-inspired designs, there are options available for every taste.

"Ramadan wall decals allow you to infuse your living space with spirituality and reverence, creating a visual reminder of the blessings and significance of this holy month." - Islamic Decor

Decorating your walls with Ramadan decals not only adds a visually appealing element to your home but also serves as a daily reminder of the values and teachings celebrated during this special time. The verses from the Quran featured on the decals can inspire reflection and contemplation, fostering a deeper connection with your faith.

Embrace the spirit of Ramadan and create a sacred atmosphere in your home with Ramadan wall decals. Let the verses from the Quran or the intricate patterns evoke a sense of tranquility and beauty, transforming your walls into a canvas of faith and devotion.

Comparison of Ramadan Wall Decal Types

Decal Type Features Price Range (AUD)
Quranic Verses Features beautiful verses from the Quran 25-50
Islamic Patterns Showcases intricate geometric designs 15-35
Calligraphy Displays elegant Arabic calligraphy 20-40

Ramadan Table Settings

When it comes to creating an unforgettable dining experience for Ramadan, setting the table with themed decorations is essential. Incorporating Ramadan-themed tablecloths, napkins, and table runners instantly adds a touch of elegance and festivity to your gatherings. To further enhance the ambiance, consider adding a captivating centerpiece such as a beautiful candle or a floral arrangement.

"A well-dressed table is a reflection of our love for the occasion and the guests we have invited."

- Little Majlis

By carefully selecting the right elements for your table, you can create a stunning display that sets the tone for a memorable Ramadan gathering. Here are some ideas to inspire your table settings:

  • Choose tablecloths, napkins, and runners in colors that represent the spirit of Ramadan, such as deep blues, rich purples, or elegant golds.
  • Opt for fabrics that have intricate patterns or traditional Arabic motifs, which add depth and visual interest to your table.
  • Consider using tableware with gold or silver accents to complement your chosen color scheme.
  • For a personal touch, incorporate personalized namecards or place setting cards that feature Islamic calligraphy.

Now, let's take a look at an example of a beautiful Ramadan table setting:

Element Description
Tablecloth A deep blue satin tablecloth adorned with gold Islamic motifs.
Napkins Rich purple napkins folded into lotus flower shapes.
Runner An elegant gold runner with delicate Arabic calligraphy.
Tableware Porcelain plates with gold rims, accompanied by silver utensils.
Centerpiece A tall, golden candleholder with scented candles and fresh floral arrangements.

With attention to detail and a touch of creativity, your Ramadan table setting will shine with elegance and charm. Whether you're hosting a small family gathering or a larger iftar, the beauty of your table decor will undoubtedly elevate the overall Ramadan experience.

Ramadan String Lights

Enhance the beauty and ambiance of your home during Ramadan with the mesmerizing glow of string lights. Hang them in Ramadan colors to create a warm and magical atmosphere that will delight your family and guests.

The versatility of Ramadan string lights allows you to drape them across walls, windows, or outdoor spaces, making them a versatile and eye-catching decoration. Whether you choose to hang them indoors or outdoors, these lights will add a touch of enchantment to your surroundings.

Not only do Ramadan string lights create a visually stunning display, but they also evoke a sense of tranquility and spirituality. When the sun sets, switch on the lights to immerse yourself in a peaceful and serene atmosphere that perfectly encapsulates the essence of Ramadan.

These lights are available in various styles and designs, allowing you to choose the one that best complements your personal taste and home decor. From traditional lantern-shaped lights to elegant globe lights, the options are endless. Let your creativity shine as you decorate your home with these captivating Ramadan string lights.

"Ramadan string lights add a touch of magic and create a cozy atmosphere in our home during the holy month. I love how they bring a sense of serenity and joy to our Ramadan celebrations." - Fatima Khan, Sydney

Create a Magical Ramadan Display with String Lights

To inspire you with different ways to use Ramadan string lights, here are a few creative ideas:

  • Hang string lights along your staircase railing to create a stunning and festive entrance.
  • Wrap the lights around your dining table centerpiece for an enchanting display during iftar gatherings.
  • Use the lights to outline a decorative wreath or wall art piece featuring Islamic calligraphy.
  • Drape the lights around a mirror or picture frame to add a touch of elegance to your wall decor.

By incorporating these ideas into your home, you can transform your space into a captivating and inviting environment that embodies the spirit of Ramadan.

Embrace the beauty of Ramadan with the warm and magical glow of string lights. Let them illuminate your home and infuse it with a sense of peace, joy, and spirituality throughout the holy month.

Pros Cons
  • Creates a warm and magical ambiance
  • Versatile decoration for both indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Available in various styles and designs
  • May require electrical outlets or batteries
  • Caution should be taken when using outdoors
  • Can be fragile and require delicate handling

Ramadan Calligraphy Art

Enhance the ambiance of your home during the holy month with stunning Ramadan calligraphy art pieces. These exquisite artworks showcase sacred Arabic verses, adding a touch of spiritual elegance to your walls or shelves. Incorporating Ramadan calligraphy art into your decorations not only beautifies your space but also serves as a reminder of the significance of this blessed month.

"Ramadan calligraphy art is more than just a decorative element; it holds deep spiritual meaning and symbolism," says Amira Sheikh, an acclaimed calligrapher. "Each stroke and curve in the Arabic letters carries a profound message that resonates with the devout."

Traditional Arabic calligraphy, known as "khatt," is a revered art form that has been passed down through generations. The intricate designs and flowing curves of the letters create a harmonious visual composition, evoking a sense of tranquility and devotion.

When selecting Ramadan calligraphy art, you can choose from various styles and compositions. Some artworks feature a single Arabic word, such as "Salam" (peace) or "Barakah" (blessings), while others showcase entire verses from the Quran.

Exploring Different Types of Ramadan Calligraphy Art:

  1. Naskh: This style of calligraphy is characterized by its clear and legible script. It is widely used in religious texts and is often chosen for its simplicity and clarity.
  2. Diwani: Known for its fluid and intricate curves, Diwani calligraphy is a more decorative style that exudes elegance and sophistication. It is often used for ornamental purposes during special occasions like Ramadan.
  3. Thuluth: Thuluth calligraphy is praised for its refined and elongated letterforms. It is commonly found in architectural designs such as mosques and palaces, and its gracefulness makes it a popular choice for Ramadan calligraphy art.

When displaying Ramadan calligraphy art, consider creating a dedicated space that showcases these masterpieces. Frame the artwork or use elegant stands to elevate the pieces, allowing the beauty of the calligraphy to command attention.

"Ramadan calligraphy art brings together visual aesthetics and religious devotion," says Samir Khan, an interior designer renowned for his expertise in Islamic-inspired decor. "By incorporating these artworks into your Ramadan decorations, you create a harmonious balance between art, spirituality, and personal expression."

Ramadan Cushions and Throws

Enhance the visual appeal of your living space during Ramadan with stylish cushions and throws in vibrant Ramadan-themed colors and patterns. Not only do these decorative accessories add a touch of elegance to your home, but they also provide comfort and coziness during gatherings and prayers.

When choosing Ramadan cushions and throws, opt for designs that incorporate traditional Islamic motifs, religious symbols, or geometric patterns. Consider colors like deep blues, rich purples, shimmering golds, and serene whites, which reflect the spiritual significance of this holy month.

The cushions and throws can be placed on sofas, chairs, or even on the floor for a cozy seating arrangement during iftar or suhoor. They also make a thoughtful addition to your prayer area, providing a comfortable space to kneel and engage in reflection.

"Ramadan cushions and throws not only beautify your home but also create a warm and inviting atmosphere for family and friends to come together and celebrate this blessed month."

Here are some key considerations while choosing Ramadan cushions and throws:

  • Quality and durability: Ensure that the cushions and throws are made from high-quality materials that can withstand everyday use and provide lasting comfort throughout Ramadan.
  • Size and shape: Select cushions and throws that complement the size and shape of your furniture, creating a harmonious and balanced look.
  • Texture: Look for cushions and throws with soft and plush textures, incorporating different fabrics like velvet, silk, or linen, to add depth and visual interest to your decor. (Read: What kind of decorations does ramadan have)

Tips for styling Ramadan cushions and throws:

  • Arrange cushions of different sizes and shapes to create a layered and dimensional look.
  • Mix and match patterns and colors, while maintaining a cohesive theme, to create an eye-catching display.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with textures and materials to add variety and tactile appeal.
  • Place throws over sofas, armchairs, or ottomans to provide warmth and a cozy ambiance during cooler Ramadan evenings.

Comparison of Popular Ramadan Cushions and Throws

Product Description Price
Luxury Ramadan Velvet Cushion Soft velvet cushion featuring an intricate Islamic pattern in gold embroidery. $29.99
Ethnic Geometric Throw Handwoven cotton throw with geometric patterns in vibrant traditional colors. $49.99
Islamic Calligraphy Embroidered Cushion Embroidered cushion with a beautiful Arabic calligraphy design and tassels. $19.99
Ramadan Crescent Moon Throw Cosy fleece throw featuring a crescent moon and star design in peaceful hues. $34.99

Ramadan Kids' Corner

Create a dedicated kids' corner during Ramadan to engage and entertain the little ones while teaching them about the significance of this holy month. Fill the space with Ramadan-themed toys, games, and books that will not only captivate their attention but also help them learn and embrace the values of Ramadan in a fun and interactive way.

Here are some ideas to make your Ramadan Kids' Corner a memorable experience:

  1. Ramadan Puzzles and Games: Provide puzzles and games that feature Ramadan-related images and themes. This will encourage children to learn while they play and stimulate their cognitive skills.
  2. Storytime with Ramadan Books: Include a variety of Ramadan-themed storybooks that narrate the values, traditions, and stories associated with this holy month. Reading these books together will foster a love for reading and instill a sense of spirituality in children.
  3. Arts and Crafts Corner: Set up an arts and crafts station where kids can engage in creative activities such as making Ramadan greeting cards, decorating Ramadan lanterns, or creating their own Ramadan garlands. This will allow them to express their creativity and create unique top Ramadan decorations.
  4. Ramadan Coloring Sheets: Provide coloring sheets featuring Ramadan-related scenes, such as mosques, crescent moons, and lanterns. Coloring can be a relaxing and enjoyable activity for children and also helps improve their fine motor skills.
  5. Islamic Activity Sheets: Include activity sheets that introduce children to Islamic concepts and teachings, such as Arabic alphabet tracing sheets, word search puzzles, and Islamic coloring sheets. These activities will help them develop a deeper understanding of their faith.

A well-designed and engaging Ramadan Kids' Corner will not only keep children entertained but also create an atmosphere of learning and celebration. It will allow them to actively participate in the joyous spirit of Ramadan and deepen their connection to their religion and culture.

Ramadan Kids' Corner Benefits Description
Engagement Children will be captivated and actively involved in age-appropriate activities that are both entertaining and educational.
Learning Children will learn about the significance of Ramadan, Islamic values, and traditions through interactive play and storytelling.
Creativity Engaging in arts, crafts, and coloring activities will nurture children's imagination, artistic skills, and self-expression.
Social Connection Kids can connect with their peers, siblings, and parents while engaging in shared activities and discussions about Ramadan.
Spiritual Development By exploring Islamic concepts through books, puzzles, and activity sheets, children will deepen their understanding of the faith and develop a connection with their spirituality.


Celebrating Ramadan is a special time for Muslims around the world. By incorporating these top 10 Ramadan decoration ideas, you can create a festive and spiritually uplifting atmosphere in your home for Ramadan 2024. Whether it's through banners, lanterns, or table settings, let your creativity shine and embrace the beauty of this holy month.


What are the top Ramadan decoration ideas for 2024?

In this article, we will explore the 10 best Ramadan decoration ideas to help you create a festive atmosphere at home for Ramadan 2024.

How can I set the mood for Ramadan with a Ramadan Mubarak banner?

Hanging a Ramadan Mubarak banner near your entrance or on a prominent wall is a great way to welcome the spirit of Ramadan and instantly set the mood for the holy month.

What are tassel garlands and how can they be used for Ramadan decoration?

Tassel garlands in Ramadan colors can be hung across doorways or above windows to add a touch of elegance to your space. They are easy to make and are a popular choice among Ramadan decorations.

How can I make personalized DIY Ramadan lanterns?

You can create personalized Ramadan lanterns using simple materials like glass jars and tissue paper. These lanterns can be lit up with LED candles to create a warm and cozy ambiance during the evenings. (Read: Stylish Ramadan Decorations For Aussie Homes)

How can I decorate my walls for Ramadan?

Decorate your walls with Ramadan-themed decals that feature beautiful verses from the Quran or traditional Islamic patterns. These decals are easy to apply and remove, making them a convenient choice for temporary decorations.

How can I create a stunning Ramadan table setting?

Set a stunning Ramadan table with themed tablecloths, napkins, and table runners. Add a centerpiece such as a candle or a floral arrangement to create an inviting and festive dining experience.

How can I create a mesmerizing ambiance with Ramadan string lights?

Hang string lights in Ramadan colors around your home to add a warm and magical glow. These lights can be draped across walls, windows, or outdoor spaces to create a mesmerizing atmosphere during the evenings.

How can I incorporate Ramadan calligraphy art into my home decorations?

Showcase beautiful Ramadan calligraphy art pieces on your walls or shelves. These artworks feature sacred Arabic verses and add a touch of spiritual elegance to your home during the holy month.

How can I decorate my living space with Ramadan-themed cushions and throws?

Decorate your living space with cushions and throws in Ramadan-themed colors and patterns. Not only do they enhance the visual appeal of your home, but they also provide comfort during gatherings and prayers.

How can I create a special corner for kids during Ramadan?

Create a dedicated kids' corner with Ramadan-themed toys, games, and books. This will engage and entertain the little ones while teaching them about the significance of Ramadan in a fun and interactive way.